Laparoscopic Spaying

Spaying, one of the most common veterinary surgical procedures, can also be performed with a laparoscope and is far more comfortable for your pet than traditional surgery. Verona Animal Hospital is one of the few veterinary hospitals in the country utilizing this equipment. Instead of a large incision, the laparoscope allows for the surgery to be performed through several tiny openings.

During the procedure, a small camera is introduced through one of the tiny incisions, allowing the doctor a magnified internal view of the internal organs. Through the other two small openings, various surgical instruments are used. These three small incisions are closed with internal dissolvable sutures and surgical glue thus eliminating the need for traditional sutures and their consequent removal.

The result is greatly reduced post-operative pain for your pet, far less stress, decreased risk of your pet licking the incision site, minimal scaring and quicker healing time. This way your pet can get back to playing and enjoying other activities sooner.

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