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Advanced Surgery

Our doctors are experienced in many more difficult surgical procedures such as removing abnormal spleens, removing painful stones in the urinary bladder, removing intestinal obstructions and many more.


Advanced diagnostic imaging such as ultrasonography is routinely used in our hospitals. Our in-house equipment affords us the advantage of being able to instantly perform this procedure. Ultrasound often …

Laser Surgery

Whenever possible, our surgeons use a laser instead of a traditional scalpel. This is less invasive and decreases bleeding, improves healing, and reduces the pain often associated with surgery. …

Laparoscopic Spaying

Spaying, one of the most common veterinary surgical procedures, can also be performed with a laparoscope and is far more comfortable for your pet than traditional surgery. Verona Animal …


Endoscopy allows us to see inside your pets intestinal tract and correct certain problems less invasively than with traditional surgery. We can instantly pass our endoscope into the stomach …

Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays allow us to immediately see the results of any images we take, enabling the procedure to be completed more quickly and in a less stressful manner than …


Ultrasound and x-ray images are interpreted by our experienced veterinarians, and when necessary, can be sent to specialists such as radiologists, oncologists, neurosurgeons or cardiologists to give us a …
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