Spaying / Neutering

Spaying your pet helps to enhance her health and overall well-being. Spayed females have a decreased risk of contracting breast cancer. In fact, in females spayed before their first heat, the risk of breast cancer is virtually eliminated. Infections of the uterus, a common problem in older, unsprayed females, are also eliminated in spayed females. Spaying/Neutering Dog

spaying2Some of the benefits of neutering include a decrease in inter-male fighting and aggression, and a decrease in urine marking. While early neutering of male dogs does not have the same profound health benefits that early spaying affords females, neutered males do have a lower incidence of prostate problems and certain tumors surrounding the rectum that can occur in older, non-neutered males. There are instances where not neutering your male dog may be of greater benefit to his orthopedic health. Be sure to discuss such considerations with your veterinarian.

Neutering male cats prevents the development of the strong smell to their urine often referred to as “tom cat urine.” Additionally, neutering cats helps to alleviate the tendency of male cats to urinate throughout the house to mark their territory.

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