I am writing to let everyone know how Dr Scriff saved my dogs life! Charlie is a 5 year old golden doodle who i brought in for a routine dental cleaning. Prior to the procedure, it was advised that charlie have a “wellness” screening. This involves more advanced blood work and a splenic scan. I declined at the time and left. About an hour later, I received a call from Dr Scriff asking me for permission to perhaps just do the scan as Charlie is a large dog who is part Golden, with tendencies toward tumors/cancers that other breeds and smaller dogs don’t get as frequently. I agreed and as fate would have it, Charlie had a large tumor in his spleen. The tumor has since been removed along with his spleen..the tumor was fortunately benign although the pathologist confirmed that without the splenectomy his spleen would likely have ruptured and he might have bled to death! This is not as uncommon as you might think. We are so thankful for our Veterinarians great advice. Because of Dr Scriff, my dog is on his way to a complete recovery. We are SO lucky!!!

diana wische

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